World H&N Cancer Day: Report

EMERGING ROLE of Dental Practices in Oral Cancer

Faridabad, India | 08 Aug 2021 to 08 Aug 2021

Name of Host : Dr Pawan Gupta

Name of Institution : Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation

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Brief Summary : A Round Table Discussion titled “Emerging role of Dental Practices in Oral Cancer” was conducted at Max Hospital Vaishali on 8.8.2021. The occasion was to mark World Head and Neck Day which is observed every year on twenty-seventh July. The round table between Dental practitioners and Oncologists discussed the importance of collaboration between the two groups to change the dismal presentation and prognosis of oral cancers. The event was organized at MAX Vaishali in collaboration with Santosh deemed to be University, ICanCaRe, and Indian Dental Association. Dr. Pawan Gupta, Director Head, and Neck, Max Healthcare said 97 % of oral cancer patients if detected and treated early can survive more than 5 years. However, sadly most of the oral cancers present to the oncologists at a very late stage with only 20 % surviving for 5 years. Oral Cancers are easily detected, easily treated, and importantly easily prevented. The cause of oral cancers chiefly – tobacco (smoking and non-smoking), alcohol, sharp teeth, ill-fitting dentures can be easily taken care and this disease can be prevented.

Media Coverage : Dr. Amit B Lal, Professor Santosh Dental College stressed the need for collaboration amongst the dental profession to create awareness amongst the public about oral cancers. At MAX Vaishali an Oral Care and Tobacco cessation center was established to take care of oral cancer patients from screening, oral care, and rehabilitation before, after, and during treatment and also protocol-based tobacco Cessation intervention program. Dr. Harshita Pandey, the specialist taking care of the oral care program at Max Vaishali said “patients come at various stages and invariably they need oral and dental care. With the establishment of this center in MAX the patients are better rehabilitated and have fewer complications during treatment as well.” Many small suspicious lesions have been detected during screening and patients treated on an OPD basis itself. It was decided that in a collaboration understanding community program would be conducted by a team from Santosh Dental College and MAX Vaishali as per digitalized protocol established by ICanCaRe. The Round Table was Inaugurated by Dr. Meenu Walia, Chief Clinical Head and Sr. Director MAX Health Care EZ and Dr. Umesh Sharma, President Elect -IDA-UP in presence of dignitaries from various Dental Colleges – IDS, Sharda etc. The co-convenor of the event Dr. Sanjeev Tomar conducted the event with dignitaries – Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Rashi, Dr. Prekshi, Dr. Safalta, Dr. Deepankar, Dr. Gurjap, Dr Sachin, Dr. Abhishek Rathi, Dr. Vidhi Rathi, Dr. Hemkant Verma and Dr. Hemant Sawhney. The Round Table ended with the participants asking for more such discussions in the future.

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