World H&N Cancer Day: Report

World Head and Neck Cancer Day Activities in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines | 27 Jul 2018 to 27 Jul 2018

Name of Host : Association of Head and Neck Oncology of the Philippines

Name of Institution : Association of Head and Neck Oncology of the Philippines

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The Philippine Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Inc. throghu the Academy for Head and Neck Oncology of the Philippines (AHNOP) provided continued support for the World Head and Neck Day on July 28, 2018. Through its many member hospitals and institutions, the society instituted a wide variety of programs to promote knowledge regarding head and neck cancers, early detection, and proper treatment. Among these events were lay fora, post-graduate courses and lectures for health profesionals, free screening for at-risk populations, and educational activities for patients.

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