World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Dünya Baş Boyun Kanserleri Günü

Ankara, Turkey | 26 Jul 2019 to 27 Jul 2019

Name of Host : Head and Neck Cancer Society of Turkey

Name of Institution : Sefik Hosal

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Head and Neck Cancer Society of Turkey participated in “World Head & Neck Cancer Day” on July 27, 2019. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özdoğan (President - Head and Neck Cancer Society of Turkey) and his group Oncotrust developed a striking video. The flyer of IFHNOS and a video have distributed among head and neck specialists (ENT, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology) across the clinics and hospitals of the country, along with social media. The video will also continue to be available in head and cancer conferences all year around. The team enjoy being the part of World Head and Neck Cancer day.

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