World H&N Cancer Day: Report

Hand in hand and face to face: clinical skill training on head and neck surgery in Jiangsu, China

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China | 09 Aug 2019 to 10 Aug 2019

Name of Host : Zhenkun Yu

Name of Institution : Head and Neck Surgery Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association

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From Aug. 9 to 10, 2019, Head and Neck Surgery Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association held the second clinical skill training seminar in Nanjing BENQ Hospital which was named "Hand in hand and face to face". The seminar focused on the newest international guideline and expert consensus and standardized operations of head and neck surgery. More than 100 doctors took part in the seminar and got a lot from the speeches by experts from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, the Second Affilated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital, the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan Unviersity, and the Nantong Tumor Hospital. At the stage of case discussion, doctor Zhenkun Yu, director of the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Cnenter of BENO Hospital, proposed how to organize an MDT diagnosis and treatment for the patient with local advanced tumor invasion of head and neck around the carotid artery. The MDT model and case presentation were appreciated by the participants.

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